I’m living a Teenage Dream

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Final Product

Daily Production Report- Day Four

Today I composed my music and recorded my voice over for the film. I did this using a hand held recording deceive this was very good and all of my recording were clear. I wanted a small amount background noise of chatting within my speech to create the feeling of other people within the waiting room and this was achieved by recording the voice over a room away from our sixth form flat thus provide the background noise I wanted. To get the timing right I played the video while recording.

I then over layered the audio tracks upon the visual , however using windows media player the tracks and the narration both went upon the audio layer. Therefore I had to research a way in which to overlay the audio tracks . I did this by using the Ctrl+shift+B tool.

From the music research I wanted a classical feel to the music , so i used a classic piano and edited it with a echo to add to the feel of elegance within the piece.

The film was now complete. I then uploaded it upon Youtube to collect audience's views.