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Friday, 1 April 2011

Evalution Part 1- In what ways does your media product use , develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

Applied to Documentary

Documentaries used in Research: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/who-do-you-think-you-were/4od#3134297 http://www.channel4.com/programmes/bodyshock/4od http://www.channel4.com/programmes/jamies-dream-school/4od

Applied to Documentary Advert click on the image to view in closer

Applied to Documentary Double Page spread

Friday, 18 March 2011

In the making.... Double Page spread

In decided that my double page spread was looking too much like an advert again therefore I used inspiration from double page soreads in which I have study and researched to make my doubloe page spread fit in the genre better.

So far....

Finushed Advert

As well as improving my branding of my advertisment I also used shadowing to make the text pop from the page and force the viewer to read the text in the same way the wasted youth culture is forcing it way onto the modern day society.

Exploring finished advert - click on the image to view the picture bigger.

I have also created a second final advert in which i moved the BBC logo , I shall use face to face and online audience feedback to see which my audience feel looks the best.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

A2 outcome - finished documentary

although I have copy right permission for the tracks within my documentary , YouTube removed the audio completely off my project when I uploaded it to Youtube therefore I have have had to upload it onto my blog via blogger. I will therefore use focus groups, facebook and questionnaires to gather audience feedback.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Wasted - to drink alcohol to the point of being heavly intoxicated
To be very intoxicated from the use of alcohol or drugs

Youth- a. The condition or quality of being young.
b. An early period of development or existence: a nation in its youth.
2. The time of life between childhood and maturity.
3. a. A young person, especially a young male in late adolescence

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Relating David Gauntlett Theroy to my media production

David Gauntlett quotes

"can you really blame TV for every social problem and anti-social complaints"

therefore reflecting my view point of the documentary in which teens are being influenced by the media for example news reports and TV dramas such as skins therefore my documentary could be asking do teens act up or feel they need to act this way to have a good time?

Monday, 14 March 2011

Daily Production Report

I have nearly completed all of my editing and have under 2 mins to fill . I plan to use animation technology to do this. I am really happy with my work so far and have now completed both of my print outcomes ahead of schedule which I shall be posted on my blog with audience feedback tomorrow.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Gender In The Media

Stereotypical views of Gender:



Typically feminine


In terms of documentaries females normally deal with sensitive and emotional subjects such as death or rape appeals , whereas my documentary shall conflict with the normal as I have chosen to be the presenter of the documentary showing females behaving and acting yob-ish and similar to the males within the documentary , showing how modern day teens are loosing femininity and becoming a yob culture. Masked in war paint of make up.

The use if females within my print work is down to my research which has shown that female images within print are more likely to grab the attention of the masculine side of the audience whereas the female side of the audience and also study females more than men due to the huge increase of obsession of personal beauty though the increase in celeb culture and fashion magazines.

Monday, 28 February 2011

Newspaper Advert Research

BBC Documentary ad - Newspaper 1/2 page.

Little Text , text which is there gives brief outline of theme. Good use of imagery ad colour to grab audience .
Same target audience as my documentary therefore very useful source to see
how institution target the audience.
Lots of colourful graphics and strong colours such as pink.

Channel 4 documentary ad -Newspaper - 1/2 page

Targeting towards adults older viewers than mine, Therefore less bright colours and uses techniques to attract audience for example the sheep above the bed in compassion to the Bright colours and graphics of the BBC 3 ad

Analysis adverts which I have sourced from newspapers will help me to make my advert conform to the normal advertised for documentary adverts while also showing me areas which advertises have used to work against conventions, for example the first advert shows how the advert conforms with giving the audience blunt information on the programme while it doesn't conform with using detailed graphics and tag lines. I shall seek to use these in my documentary as I feel these really make the reader want to see the documentary and offer a taste of the documentary

Newspaper Advert Research

Newspaper adverts come in many different sizes and as I am going to produce an advert for my documentary I need to consider what size my advert is going to be. The diagram below shows the average common sizes for adverts in any newspaper.

As my advert is very visually impacting I feel the 1/2 page advert would be the most suitable for my advert , it would make my advert pop from the page and make the reader notice them compared to the smaller sizes.

As my target market is focused on a younger generation I would place my advert within a newspaper such as "The Sun" or "The I" as these newspapers are the ones with the youngest readership

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Nurse Interview

What are you thought on young people and drink?

Drinking access amount of alcohol at a young age can lead to very bad decisions, like having sex which is not safe or driving at all times though the young person is aware is aware of it.

Do you feel there needs to more education of awareness on the binge drinking?

Yes I do, Teenagers need to learn how to safety enjoy themselves without putting their bodies at least due to the huge volume of alcohol they consume. Today’s teens need to learn to respect alcohol.

How does binge drinking at a young age affect the body in later life?

Drinking alcohol at young age affects at the higher rate of tumours of the breast, the liver and the mouth along with an added susceptibility to the high blood pressure. Drinking alcohol can also lead to very serious mental and physical health problems later on in their adult lives.

Consumption of alcohol at the young age causes damages to the cirrhosis of the liver. The cleaning of the toxins out of our body is done by the cirrhosis of the liver and this stops the functioning on alcohol abuse.

The stomach lining is irritated and vomiting is a visible result in most cases. Heavy drinking can also lead to stomach problems and ulcers. Stomach ulcers are also affected on alcohol abuse that leads to internal bleeding.

Drinking of alcohol by the young people binge drink can risk very seriously on the damage to their brains then and rising memory loss later on in the adulthood. The brain functioning of the young is depressed on alcohol drinking.

Research Information

I found a really useful piece of iformation all about the effects of drinking later in life.


Monday, 14 February 2011

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Using Feedback from social networking....

Intresting Post Found on Internet- Research

Teenagers in the media
Are teenagers represented fairly in the media?
•11 comments•6326 views
23rd January 2008

Young people’ you hear about them a lot in the media. Either portrayed as anti-social yobs that all drink, smoke and have sexual intercourse on a daily basis. Or else they are portrayed as victimised and the future of the world we live in. Both are true, to some extent. But which of the two is the most correct?

The controversial law of ASBOs was passed in order to attempt to control teenagers and prevent anti-social behaviour in the streets. I’ll be the first to admit that this problem is not mere fabrication, however it is as if teenagers are the only ones ever to be caught relieving themselves on the street. There are plenty of adults who go out and get drunk on a Friday night. I don’t see why teenagers should be blamed for all drunken conduct and vandalism. There are certainly a percentage that are exactly as the media portrays them, however I think that these numbers are much less than most people think. There are certain individuals who lead these groups and if they were to be removed there would be a lot less drunken disorderly conduct among teenagers.

There has also been a lot of complaining about the latter view of teenagers in the media. Many adults protest that ‘children are the future’ and that they are being misrepresented. This is hardly true. What is shown in the media is correct, entirely correct in most cases. There are plenty of teenagers who act in exactly the way the media portrays them. However, this is not to say that all of them do. There are also plenty who are intelligent and care about other people and the world around them. Normal people, really, who just happen to be teenagers. These people are obviously not shown in the media because there is nothing to report about them.
They don’t do anything news worthy particularly. Getting an A* in English is not what the media is interested in, they’d much rather a drunken fight or date rape.

While we’re on the subject I’d like to thank the patronising person that started calling teenagers ‘young people’. ‘Teenagers’ is just fine, thanks. We know that is what we are; we don’t need ‘euphemisms’. We’re not about to start calling toddlers and babies ‘new people’ instead, are we? That may sound ridiculous but there’s this wide spread political correctness surrounding sensitive issues that almost merits censorship. How are we ever going to get to the bottom of things when we are too afraid of offending anyone? You offend everyone that you disagree with. I could be offending someone with this article, but I can’t bring myself to care because it’s my view and it’s their problem if they don’t like it.

To be fair, the media are not misrepresenting teenagers, they are merely reporting the bad side of them. This is obviously the most interesting side of what teenagers are up to, and of course the media thrives on scandal. It is simply important for older people to know that this is not the whole story and that not all teenagers are this way. Thankfully, I think most adults are sensible enough to see this however there are always a few who will believe what they read in the newspapers. It is human nature to thrive on the scandal.

Key Point ------->.To be fair, the media are not misrepresenting teenagers, they are merely reporting the bad side of them. Will enter this viewpoint into my documentary.

Using social Networking to gain audience feedback

I posted my media blog onto my own personal blogging account under the website Tumblr and Facebook, to gain feedback from my audience.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Shooting Script

Click upon the image to enlarge

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Double Page Spread Analysis

Target Market for this print : Females who enjoy reality TV , soical standard B-C

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Inital Ideas for Print Pictures

I have sourced a number of primary pictures which I feel would work within my pint work for 'Wasted Youth'.

Inspiration for branding logo

Like I have done for my documentary poster and double page spread I have researched using the Internet secondary producted logos which I feel target the same target audience that I shall be using within my documentary. This is the logo for skins which is used throughout the advertisement for the program.

The use of harsh acidy colours bring out the carious within the generation and the messy paint splats also connote the "I don't care attitude" within the logo photoshop has been used to create textures within the logo which gives the logo depth and extra interest. I really like this logo as the messy background reflects the minds of the teen generation throughout current society whereas the block white logo is readable clear and to the point which could reflect society and the way generation Y is bursting out from this in there own way.

Using paint I have created a map of development within my logo which will help with the basic layout when creating my own logo in Photoshop.

Click upon the image to view a larger view

Monday, 24 January 2011

Video Blog 1

apologies for the dark and moody lighting !! a little video update to this week's progress and action plan

New script

walking towards camera in a city location )

Hello I'm Layla Holland I'm 18 and a sixth form student about to head off to Uni.
University has become almost a right of passage to every teenager , but many don't just go to work for a degree but for the nightlife.

(cut away shots of uni books and people , lessons to reflect uni)

However though out the last 10 years this binge drinking generation are getting a bad name for ourselves.

But is this all an media hype ? (Close up of presenter)

(Outside a pub)

Like any other teenager I enjoy a good drink with my mates at the weekend to blow out steam from the pressures of sixth form, but as I enter my last summer before Uni will all this drinking have a long term effect on my health and carrer. ( pub door closing)

Titles over shots montage of teens drinking featuring lots of visual effects.

“874,819 Teenage girls will become pregnant

2,994,657 Teens will get a Sexually Transmitted Infection

5,429,600 Teens will use Drugs

2,758,643 Teens will be arrested for a crime

2,056,833 Teens will attempt suicide.”

(Suicide is the third leading cause of death among Teens)

Next scene is of the presenter of the documentary which shall be myself in a clear white background within a bedroom sat causally upon a bed. The shot will be taken in a close up with a few extreme closes up. The presenter will not be scripted as for the direction of the documentary I want the opening scene to be a personal response to the figures from a viewpoint of a teen.

Freestyle speech upon reaction to figures

Cut away shots of teens laughing and having fun , stereotypical shots of teens using hands , shoes , laughing etc

But is this a real representation of the youth of today, are teens nothing more than alcohol seeking missiles, do they understand the dangers of bring drinking and what they are putting their young bodies though.

I spoke to a number of teens within a local sixth form on their plans for the weekend. (
walking into sixth form area)

Mid shot of interviewees, a number of teens from the school expressing their weekend plan.
( how much do you drink , when , why , where)

Freestyle response

Presenter walking down the road expressing direction of the documentary and what I am to change in the views of teens

It seems that the current generation have no other worries about that the implication of their weekend antics , I spoke to Nurse ………. About the effects of such binge drinking amost teens.

CAPTION: Nurse …… , Smithdon High School

QUESTION: What are you thought on young people and drink?

How do you think society deals with young people dependent on drink?

Do you feel there needs to more education of awareness on the binge drinking?

Many teens feel they need to act a certain way to fit in with such a stereotypical generation. COMPANY NAME invested the high profile case of samther Giles, a young girl from Bradford who tragically took her life on July 13th this year due to horrific circumstances.

Parents: It wasn’t till Sam hit 14 we started having trouble with her. She would watch such group up programs which we feel were aimed at such an older generation. She began not coming in till early hours of the morning on school nights. She was just out of control


She left without saying goodbye that night.

Narration: The night Sam was rapped she was only 16, could the attack of been fullled by copycat effected teens?

Sam’s friend: To me it was a normal night we met with my friends at 10 at the local park and we would just hang out and stuff. We weren’t looking for trouble.

These boys came along offering us drugs and I dunno Sam just looked curious to try. Cause we’d seen them so much on tele that it looked awesome. I left just past 11 and left sam with these lads, she seemed fine, a lil outta it.

Narration: At 3am Sam’s parents received a telephone call form the police

**Recon phonecall*

Parents Dad: getting the phone call....... no parent should ever have to get...Sam was. no parents should have to go though this.. It is a living nightmare..Any parent’s worst nightmare.

Police radio: unidentified young female found. suspected rape . Large amount of bruising to body. naked. Clothes missing

Narration: Sam’s
was discovered was found had been subjected to a horrific rape , violently assaulted and left to die.

Narration: Sam had been given the date rape drug ...... which she had been told to been E. Sam had be violently raped then stabbed.
Parents: Why would other teenagers do that to a young girl!?
They cant of just thought it up. It was influenced by their shows.

Monday, 17 January 2011

Inspired Intial Ideas

I was really inspired by the hit channel E4 program Skins promotion for the advertisement and double page spread for my documentary as I believe the images really show the culture of Generation Y, a group of grunge teens only looking to get drunk. The first image upon the left shows a group of teens lined up against a wall to me this symbolises being told off a school however the relaxed expression and body language of the teens shows they simply do not care, thus linking back to the theme of my documentary. Being lined up against a wall is also symbolic to the audience to a police line up showing that although they are reflexes about there behaviour now it could lead to prison in the future. The short to the point details "BBC 3RD April 10pm" is blunt and to the point like a product lable like the genration are waiting for their due date to be sold.

Research and Developing Double Page Spread

As my film is in post production I want to create my double page spread along side my documentary to ensure that the branding of both pieces match and produce an excellent product identity for my documentary and prints.

As I have started to research using secondary sourced products I can begin to research how my double page spread is going to look though the use of colour and font. As my target market for my documentary is B/C my print documents will be very similar to the Guardian Listing magazine which I research however still have aspects of 'Glossy' content from magazines aimed at then B/C bracket therefore I shall need to research one of these type of listing to ensure I incorporate the correct type of content to attract my audience.

The first important piece of my listing documents is the title. I used a font database website called http://www.dafont.com/ to source font from.

I want the title to reflect the drunken mess in which teenagers as stereotyped into , this could be achieved though the use of trashy/Gothic fonts such as the ones to the left. These were my favorite ones out of the 1000's which were upon the website to use. I like these fonts because they convey to the audience the feeling of grunge and trashy culture to the audience while still conveying aspect of child like scribbles which is the direction of my topic.

My short listed fonts are as followed:
I like this font as it is commonly used within factories on packaging which is how a generation could be classes ; a batch load in the order of life. The current generation could then be classed as a faulty batch in life's factory, " just another brick in the all" as Pink Floyd would say but what happens when a large number of bricks are faulty and breaking rules , would the whole house fall part? would society fall? Although I don't see myself using this as a head text banner as it is not bold either to catch the eye of the audience , I feel it would work well as a sub heading banner for example the time and date of the program as it is easily readable while keeping to the point of the message of the topic.

The second text which I thought would be the best for the print for my documentary is this text. It is similar to the text which is used in ransom letters therefore the text is instantly reconizable

as an evil and damaging feeling text, I also feel It reflects all of the sub cultures within the generation which get titles under this one body of text. This would be a good text to used as a title because it is eye grabbing with the use of high black and white contrast to catch the eye of the audience instantly.

The final text which I feel would work the best was this font to the left as it visual contrasts the grung culture with a child like aspect to it . The use of a skull projects a feeling of death and toxic happens = therefore reflecting generation X's lifestyle of binge drinking whereas the use of the lighthearted scribbling and feminine handwriting style shows how the teens are still children who not long ago were innocence .