I’m living a Teenage Dream

Friday, 8 October 2010

Research into Hyperpublic youth identity

In the role of researcher:

I have read an article with I feel is very useful within the production of my documentary.

"Teens today face a public life with the possibility of unimaginably wide
publicity. The fundamental properties of networked public- persistence,
sociability, replicability and invisible audience- are unfamiliar to the adults
that are guiding them though social life. Few adult could imagine every
conversation they have sitting in the park or drinking tea in a cafe being
available available for hyperpublic consumption, yet this is what technology
enables....Boyd is suggesting that you are unlikely to get much help from your
parents or teachers if you get into trouble in this new world

My documentary is highlighting the teenager culture of tioday and putting them into the high profile unimaginably wide publicity. I am replicating teenage society not form the media but how I also feel. I am enable to to show my consumers my view and not the current issue of teenagers.

Target Audience

In the role of a producer:

My target audience will be 15-19 year olds as I want the documentary to show not only are teenagers stereotypical shown and teenagers need to be treated Individually, however I want to show the teens that copying what you see on television is harmful and dangerous. Thus providing a good balance within my documentary.

I have compiled a fact file of a average teenager within my target market:

Name : Jo

Age: 17

F.Music: Lady Gaga , Pink , Foo Fighters , Miley Cryus , Jamie T

F.Books: The Notebook , Twilight Saga

F.TV Programs: Skins , The Inbetweeners , Misfits , The Might Boosh

F.Movies: Twilight , Moulin Rouge, Sweeny Todd , Mean Girls

Ambitions: To go to uni and study Fashion Marketing

Jo is an average teenage girl with hopes and ambitions to get into university, she enjoys partying at the weekend and sometimes wonders whether all this partying is doing her any long term damage in body and mind.


In the role of producer:

I am going to create a quick profile of each of my interviewees.

Adults within Montage- Interviewing adults will provide the audience with the general sterotypical view of teenagers , which I then then explore and try to highilight the differences within the piece.

PCSO Officer- Male officer to show the stereotypical view of authority to contrast against the theme of the documentary. The Officer will give a view of the real side of teenagers they see on a day to day bases.

Teenagers within Montage- A large mixture of stereotypical "hoodie" teens with "friendly" looking teens thus giving the audience a mixture of views and showing the large variety of teens and that not all fit one stereotype.

Sam Giles's Parents - The parents will be placed within a family living room space as it will make it more inmate appeal to the teens . As it is in an inmate environment the audience will be able to identify with the parents more.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

2nd draft rough script

Bringe drinking party animal yob?!

Is this all teenagers in today’s society are? Or has the media forced a false image upon us.

This year is has been estimated that....

874,819 Teenage girls will become pregnant

2,994,657 Teens will get a Sexually Transmitted Infection

5,429,600 Teens will use Drugs

2,758,643 Teens will be arrested for a crime

And wrongly 2,056,833 Teens will attempt suicide.

(Suicide is the third leading cause of death among Teens)

But is this a real repenstention of the youth of today, or do the media simply focus upon the negative aspects of generation X?

**Newspaper headline****mock up news report*??

Montage of results: What do you think of the youth of today?

PCSO Officer: Do you feel that teens are influence by the media to act such a way?

Teenagers montage: How do you feel the youth of today in portrayed?

Henry;d comment links next bit

Many teens feel they need to act a certain way to fit in with such a stereotypical generation. COMPANY NAME invested the high profile case of samther Giles, a young girl from Bradford who tragically took her life on July 13th this year due to horrific circumstances.

Parents: It wasn’t till Sam hit 14 we started having trouble with her. She would watch such group up programs which we feel were aimed at such an older generation. She began not coming in till early hours of the morning on school nights. She was just out of control


She left without saying goodbye that night.

Narration: The night Sam was rapped she was only 16, could the attack of been fullled by copycat effected teens?

Sam’s friend: To me it was a normal night we met with my friends at 10 at the local park and we would just hang out and stuff. We weren’t looking for trouble.

These boys came along offering us drugs and I dunno Sam just looked curious to try. Cause we’d seen them so much on tele that it looked awesome. I left just past 11 and left sam with these lads, she seemed fine, a lil outta it.

Narration: At 3am Sam’s parents received a telephone call form the police

**Recon phonecall*

Parents Dad: getting the phone call....... no parent should ever have to get...Sam was. no parents should have to go though this.. It is a living nightmare..Any parent’s worst nightmare.

Police radio: unidentified young female found. suspected rape . Large amount of bruising to body. naked. Clothes missing

Narration: Sam’s
was discovered was found had been subjected to a horrific rape , violently assaulted and left to die.

Narration: Sam had been given the date rape drug ...... which she had been told to been E. Sam had be violently raped then stabbed.
Parents: Why would other teenagers do that to a young girl!?
They cant of just thought it up. It was influenced by their shows.

Prosped Questions

Question1 What do you think of the youth of today? - As adults are the largest percentage of the community I feel that asking a montage of adults would produce a good over view of general thought.

Do you feel that teens are influence by the media to act such a way? - PCSO interview. AS PCSO'S general deal with outlawed teens it will be interesting to see their views and if they conflicted the view audience will expect the officer to say.

How do you feel the youth of today in portrayed? I shall ask a montage of teens this question as i am interested in the reflection between question 1 and this question.

Friday, 1 October 2010

Pre Production Questionaire Results

As my target audience is teenagers themselves I have chosen for my main sample to come from my peers within sixth form.

As the graph shows on the left the largest percentage of my sample enjoy crime based documentaries. I was very surprised at this result as stereotypical females are more emotional than males, therefore I believed the females aged 15.17 would preferred documentaries on emotional true stories. This is a clear signal that I need to incorporate a large amount of crime based themes within my production to hold the attention of a large percentage of my audience. This could be done by using such techniques of cutaways.

Everyone who I interviewed say that they would be very interested in a documentary focusing on the conflict of the media and teenagers. This is a positive outcome it shows that there is desire for such a production as mine. Having a audience who are willing to hear my views within the documentary will allow a good link between my message and their acceptance of the issues.

As well as asking categorical questions such as what gender are you? and what type of documentary do you like to watch? I also asked opened ended question which have highlighted some interesting views from my audience I have highlight to attention some interesting views:

1) Do you feel youth is portrayed wrongly in the media?

- " I believe youth are stereotyped to all be the same though media as they only really show stories about badly behaved youths and no the positive parts"

- " Yes , I think that every teenager is stereotyped under one category when in fact everyone is different"

- " the media acutally protray teenagers in quite an ccurate way.... many teenagers do drink, steal and feel in necessary to rebel against authoity

-".... usually if produced by bias adults"

- " Yes , although some groups live up to the protrayal which encourages the media to sterotype youth as a whole rather than an idividualy"

I find this very interesting has it shows how my peers feel that they are either being misrepenstered though the media, or the media is fulling teenagers to act up to the sterotype. Thus producing a chain reaction of events. Therefore is the media to blame for becoming a catolysis to this thug culutre?

2) What is your view on today's teenager culture

-" we're all the same just differnet breeds"

-"..teenagers can be wither dramatically discriminated or very expecting"

-" .. teenage culture has mere freedom to do whatever they wish"

-" teenagers are becoming a break out stereotypes and become their own person quicker"

This question highlighted that many teens feel that they do not wish to connect themselves with the stereotype but just simply live there lives , and find themselves while not worrying about the bigger picture.