I’m living a Teenage Dream

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Daily Production Report- Day Three

I now had all my footage filmed. I uploaded them upon my Laptop and transferred them into Windows Media Player. I found this program the easiest out of movie making programs which I have tied.

I selected the best footage from each scene and firstly placed them upon the storyboard function on windows movie marker. This allowed me to see clearly the scene which I had and could match them to my hand drawn story board.

Once I was happy with the footage I had selected I began to fade each scene into each other to create the smooth scene transition which I wanted this. I wanted this smooth transition to continue the feeling of elegance throughout my piece.

Windows movie marker also allowed me to use effects upon the flashback scenes. I chose to use the effects: Old age and Sepia. I felt this made the scenes look like a memories and broke up the difference between the present and past scenes.

Daily Production Report- Day Two

After we first location of Heacham Hall become unavailable I quickly contacted my main actress playing the role of Grace to see if I would be able to use her Dance School's Dance Studio, which is Miss Ashley's Dance School which is located in Dersingham. An available slot to film was the 29th March.

My main Actress is Polly Balding I casted her as she has performed along side me before and I knew she was a very confident Actress and Dancer. She also has a great feeling of grace and elegance when she dances which I felt was key for Grace to have.

Upon Day Two I filmed the majority of my film opening. Due to the high level of acting skills I did not feel I needed to take as many takes as I did with Charlie Mcshane as after Take Two of each shot I was confident I had achieved a high quality shot.

Due to the short notice of change of location , before I left to film upon the 29th I felt the screenplay needed to be altered. This also meant I changed my Story board.

While filming upon shot 5 where Grace is rehearsing I found I had difficulties with my Tripod and was unable to tilt the camera upwards to ensure that the action was still captured within the frame. This trouble was due to me not being totally familiar with my equipment. Although I am pleased with the shot.

I feel the location was better than my first location of Heacham Hall as the mirrors with Miss Ashley's Studio created a great visual effect which I am very pleased with.

Monday, 29 March 2010

Daily Production Report- Day One

Today was the first day of filming due to the availability of my actress , I chose to shoot the 'Younger Grace' scenes. I chose the location of Ken Hill as from the areas I considered off Sandringham Woods and Wofteren I felt Ken Hill was the less busiest therefore creating the dream like atmosphere I wanted.

When first walking the grounds I found a large Oak tree with was surrounded with spring flowers which I also felt added to the dream like memory I wanted from this scene.

My actress I had chosen to play the role of 'Young Grace' was my cousin Charlie Mcshane as she is the correct age I wanted the girl to be and Charlie is also a child model so I could ensure that the acting would be of a high quality.

I shot the two scenes which Young Grace is involved in and did four takes of each to ensure that I got a usable shot. Overall the filming too around 30 mins and I felt it went very well.