I’m living a Teenage Dream

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Nurse Interview

What are you thought on young people and drink?

Drinking access amount of alcohol at a young age can lead to very bad decisions, like having sex which is not safe or driving at all times though the young person is aware is aware of it.

Do you feel there needs to more education of awareness on the binge drinking?

Yes I do, Teenagers need to learn how to safety enjoy themselves without putting their bodies at least due to the huge volume of alcohol they consume. Today’s teens need to learn to respect alcohol.

How does binge drinking at a young age affect the body in later life?

Drinking alcohol at young age affects at the higher rate of tumours of the breast, the liver and the mouth along with an added susceptibility to the high blood pressure. Drinking alcohol can also lead to very serious mental and physical health problems later on in their adult lives.

Consumption of alcohol at the young age causes damages to the cirrhosis of the liver. The cleaning of the toxins out of our body is done by the cirrhosis of the liver and this stops the functioning on alcohol abuse.

The stomach lining is irritated and vomiting is a visible result in most cases. Heavy drinking can also lead to stomach problems and ulcers. Stomach ulcers are also affected on alcohol abuse that leads to internal bleeding.

Drinking of alcohol by the young people binge drink can risk very seriously on the damage to their brains then and rising memory loss later on in the adulthood. The brain functioning of the young is depressed on alcohol drinking.

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