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Monday, 12 October 2009

Music Video Analysis - Jesus of Suburbia by Greenday

The opening of the video starts with a big close up camera angle upon the subject 'The Boy' of the music video. This slowly fades into a extreme close up from his nose to mouth, he is smoking during this. This camera angle is used so that the audience considerate upon the facial expression of the boy which is of dismissal and suggests to the audience he couldn't care less. The lighting of the 1st scene is very dark which contrasts with his heavy dark eye make-up and clothing which together with the smoking reflect the 'punk' image.
The next few seconds are filled with sharp quick scenes all from different camera movements: Tracking , Hand-held camera and Aerial shoot from the ceiling of the boys bed room. This include scenes of sex, partying and drug taking. I believe the camera movements which are all used reflect a humans movements and feelings after taking drugs, This allows the audience to believe they are in the head of the subject. the music has a strong beat and lots of powerful chords which also reflects the partying which is taking place.
The scene which follow show the boy walking, the camera is tracking him as almost showing the subjects paranoia from the drugs however it is shot in normal daylight. I believe this was done to show that neither the partying the boy is struggling to find a reason other then partying to exist for.
Then the tempo of the music dies down to a almost reggae beat we are shown the soft side of the subject as his love interest is introducted . There are many close ups of the couples facing each other showing affection . I also believe the girl's bright red hair is symbolic of the impact she has made on his dark world and how she has bought colour and life into it . Her hair could also symbolise danger which is later revealed.
We also see the same scene where the camera tracks him from the opposite side of the supermarket however compared with last time when he was on his own the girl is now walking opposite to him. This highlights to the audience how she is filling an empty void in his life. The lighting is also brighter now the girl has been introducted suggesting he is now emotionally more happier than before.
Playing the supermarket scene again on tracker without the girl shows she has disappeared from his life. The lighting then dramatically changes flashing from light to dark while on a close up of the boy's face , this suggests to the audience that without the girl he is slowly returning into his depressed and lonely state of mind.
The section within the song called 'I Don't Care! ' sees the flashes of light to dark increasing with the speed of the music increasing also, showing the subject is completely losing control of his life and emotions. The camera is also angled pointing upwards ( worms eye view) in a head-to-shoulder view creating a strange look which reflects his emotions. By the end of this section his bedroom is completely in darkness.
The Last section , called 'Dearly Beloved' sees once again the tempo of the music has slowed and the lighting us now alot lighter. The camera now focus upon his bedroom walls and friends and many punk culture related drawings, which is the brightness seem normal. The audience now start to see the boy is con siding life. This is shown though the smooth fixed camera movements which were once hand held and jerky.
After a while the tempo picks up into almost a heartbeat rhyme and the darkness returns and stronger flashes appear when theheartbeat rhyme fades into a solid rock beat, showing anger and wrath the boy has inside him.
The closing frames are the boy saying goodbye to his mother. It is shot in a normal way however it has a black/grey colouring to it, To me reflects the emotion of the mother and son and highlights the sadness within the moment.
The final scene is filmed by the camera being panned across the rest of the punk's faces in natural light. I believe this is to show the audience behind every single young adults faces there is a similar story of love and lonelyness.
Finally there is a flashback scene of many of the frames throughout the music video mostly centralising around the girl till the camera zooms out. This creates the effect that the audience have just watched the boys memories and thoughts leaving the audience feeling sorry for the troubled buy.

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