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Saturday, 16 January 2010

Main Task Rough OutLine

From my thought web I have now produced two rough ideas from my main task.

Idea One
A Girl is waiting for an auditions in a hall way. A Few dancers past by talking however the girl carries on fixing her ribbons upon her dance shoes ( Pointe shoes ). The girl wasn't always as well off as she currently appears, Flashbacks of her youth appear ; a young child is creating a scarp book of dancers and studying the pages. The young girl appears in old looking clothes showing her families lack of money and is sat on her own. The next scene then returns to the girl at her current older age she enters the audition room and performs a short Pointe piece and the end shot is for the Young Girls pleased Face.

Idea Two
A Girl is practicing in a dance studio she keeps stumbling and gets more and more worked up each time she stumbles, However she finally gets the moves correct and performs a lyrical mixed Pointe dance. Her voice is heard over the top of the scene explaining her life from child to dancer and about a up and coming break into stardom which she needs.

I have decided to combine both idea as there are very many vaious points i like within each idea. Therefore combaining the two ideas will ensure my main task piece is the best as possible.

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