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Thursday, 28 January 2010

Pre-Research Analyse

Research Analyse
I decided to ask within my sample 25% 11- 16 year olds and 50% 17- 25 years old, as I feel this catchment age is the most common target group to watch a Dance themed Film , therefore to ensure my film satiety their needs I need to understand their demand and what they aspect from my Film.

The three most common genres came as a surprise. The Three most common were: Comedy (35%), Sci-fi (15%) and Musical (15%), this came to a surprise as it shows that within my sample there was no traditional spilt with the genre and gender. As the Three top genres were all a mix of the traditional genres you would aspect genders to mix. From this i have concluded that many males would be interesting in viewing my movie therefore I need to ensure that my Film can satisfy both Female and Males demands within a movie. This will increase the potential market of my Film and therefore increase the profits of the Film.

Most commonly the people within my sample want to be kept interested by the film though suspense and twist in the storyline of the Film. I believe to keep a consumer interesting within my Film I can use a Varity of camera shot and angles. This will ensure my audience to do get bored with my Film.

Many people also stated that they liked to really lose themselves within the film and feel the deep emotion which is portrayed by certain films, The main group of people which wanted this from a film whereas the females within my sample. Therefore as Females are my main market for this Film i need to ensure my storyline portray the emotions of my characters well and make my audience really feel they are totally involved in the storyline. However As I am also targeting my Film at both genders i need to make sure my Film is not top heavy with emotion as this will not interest the male audience and I could risk losing may potential consumers. To portray the emotion within my Opening titles I will use lots of close ups as this will forces the audience upon my actress’s face therefore they shall be studying the emotion she portraying though her facial expression.

From my research I have found out that 75% of my sample choose not to watch sub-titles films therefore it is virtual my film is in English so there are no sub-titles as this will lead to losing a huge percentage of potential consumers.

Within my Research I asked my sample where they believed a Dance themed Drama should be set. The three options I offered where: Dance Studio, The Streets/Urban Setting and A Dance School from my research I found that my audience have a varied response. The most popular setting was a Dance Studio (45%) followed by A Dance School (30%) then finally The Street/Urban Setting (25%). This shows that a large number of my sample believe that a traditional setting would be most suitable however the results have very evenly distributed. I believe to capture the most of my potential audience I need to include elements of both the traditional side of dance and the new arising Street/Urban Side.

I asked My sample to name two of their favouriteActors and Actress. There was a clear divide with the Males Results and The Females. The males within the sample picked actors which were of an older age range which appeared both in Serious and Funny roles such as Densil Washington and Johnny Depp. whereas the females picked actors of a younger age which had not been in many roles and very ‘good looking’ such as Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson which may have something to do with the release of the massive film saga Twilight which both actors appeared in.

Both genders picked there favourite Actress as young beautiful American women. This shows that both genders demand a attractive lead women within a film. As 100% of my audience said they were influence into seeing a film because of it cast , i believe i need to cast a young girl who is attractive for my main role.

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