I’m living a Teenage Dream

Monday, 29 March 2010

Daily Production Report- Day One

Today was the first day of filming due to the availability of my actress , I chose to shoot the 'Younger Grace' scenes. I chose the location of Ken Hill as from the areas I considered off Sandringham Woods and Wofteren I felt Ken Hill was the less busiest therefore creating the dream like atmosphere I wanted.

When first walking the grounds I found a large Oak tree with was surrounded with spring flowers which I also felt added to the dream like memory I wanted from this scene.

My actress I had chosen to play the role of 'Young Grace' was my cousin Charlie Mcshane as she is the correct age I wanted the girl to be and Charlie is also a child model so I could ensure that the acting would be of a high quality.

I shot the two scenes which Young Grace is involved in and did four takes of each to ensure that I got a usable shot. Overall the filming too around 30 mins and I felt it went very well.

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