I’m living a Teenage Dream

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Daily Production Report- Day Three

I now had all my footage filmed. I uploaded them upon my Laptop and transferred them into Windows Media Player. I found this program the easiest out of movie making programs which I have tied.

I selected the best footage from each scene and firstly placed them upon the storyboard function on windows movie marker. This allowed me to see clearly the scene which I had and could match them to my hand drawn story board.

Once I was happy with the footage I had selected I began to fade each scene into each other to create the smooth scene transition which I wanted this. I wanted this smooth transition to continue the feeling of elegance throughout my piece.

Windows movie marker also allowed me to use effects upon the flashback scenes. I chose to use the effects: Old age and Sepia. I felt this made the scenes look like a memories and broke up the difference between the present and past scenes.

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