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Friday, 26 November 2010

Change Of Directon

After editing my clips together , I started to realises that many of my clips made fun of the teenagers within the piece and making the audience realises the teenagers are ONLY children.
I thought such clips as the close up of the subject drinking from the cup which is very child like contrast against the them of my documentary. Therefore I have a change of direction within my documentary as I have found out though research including my interviews that many teenagers just drink and party at the weekend and I fell producing a documentary showing the counter side of the argument would make my documentary less realistic. Though my research in facts and figures they clearly show that their is a huge problem within the generation and if they are to carry on in this manor then heck knows what the world will be like when generation X which adulthood. I now want to open the eyes of the parents into the danger of teenagers lifestyle at present and show how many teens simply do not have a clue what their children get up to at the week.

I have attrached a sample of the clip which mainly express this:

From my research interviews the teens express how they conform to the sterotype and simply do not care.

New Target Audience
As I have changed the direction of my documentary I now have a new direction I want to target my documentary towards the parents and adults within society. As I want them to realise just how naive and clueless these teens are to what they are doing to their bodies, however I fully understand teens are blamed though out the media therefore my documentary may also be a form of entrainment as I plan to follow a teens average life and show the audience the stupid things they get up to provide entertainment to the audience in the same way the document glamour models , mum and me did.

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