I’m living a Teenage Dream

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Pre Production Report - Day 2

I started to edit my cut aways together I have produced a section on each clip and what techniques I used to create the effect upon the clips I desired.

Opening 1. Clip Name - Drinks pan to Left

Effect: High Bright Contrast , Speed Increased, Hand Held Camera

I editing the opening clip in this way as I wanted the audience to feel as they were under the influence like the subjects of my documentary. The high contrast also blurs the brand names which I feel is important to increase that I do not target drinks labels for the actions which are about to unfold. The clip is shot in a handheld manor and the visual of the image is very blurred, I feel this reflects well the feeling people get when consuming alcohol the vison becomes blurred , this thus allows the audience to feel part of the 'wasted youth' . The Hand held camera gives the feeling of audientifsty to the audience. The footage now appears to the audience as really achieve footage supporting the point of my documentary it shows this is the real side of the teenage culture in which may do not see.

I have attrached a sample which has been uploaded upon vimeo:


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