I’m living a Teenage Dream

Friday, 17 September 2010

Initial Draft of Story Line

By creating a first draft of my story line/cutaways/speakers and artist direction it will allow me a clear direction of research and areas in which I will need to explore. This way i will not watse time researching unessary piece of information.

Opening Line- Do you really know what your child is watching?

short flashes of reconstructed/ cutaways
partying teenager choppy editing , fast moving : drinking , smoking , dancing ect.
Props needed: bottles, cigarettes

Mise-en-scene: parting clothes, glitter, tight

Facts about teenagers in the media
Possible interview with child physiotherapist backing you facts

Interview taken place in office
Mise-en-scene: Doctors coat, hair tried back= formal, female

Real life story interview with parents in living room about daughter being dragged down into gangs.. was she influenced by programs which she watched?

Mise-en-scene: plain , normal parent look.. Audience relate
Reconstruction footage – hand held camera= following/walking behind subject
Interview filming lots of extreme close up = showing emotion of parents
Interview with PSCO at park at night , children in background?

Contrasting real life story looking at ‘good’ on track teenagers studying hard., Challenging the view of the media
Filming of the studying, smiles, teenagers being good and hard working possible library scene

Smooth camera movements.

Possible Extra Cutaways
- dancing
- teenagers texting
- voilent acts
- driving past skateboard ramps
- smoking

contasing cut aways
- reading
- chatting
- studying
- doing homework
- shopping
- feet

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