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Monday, 27 September 2010

Researching Using Newspapers

I found two newspaper articles : one national and one local to my area and used them as part of my research to build up a picture of the youth within the media.

1.)From my Local paper.

2)From The Guardian National Paper


>© Copyright Pending. Any copying without Teens In Crisis name and phone number
being visible is strictly forbidden.
During the next 12 months (based on National Averages):
1,221,839 Teens will Drop out or quit school
(In some states, up to 75 % of all inmates in the prison system are high
school drop outs)
1,682,867 Teens will Runaway or leave home without permission for at least overnight
or longer.
(71% of runaway or awol teens encounter highly dangerous situations or
Circumstances during the runaway period)
874,819 Teenage girls will become pregnant
(30% will undergo an abortion many without the parent’s knowledge or
consent. For those teenage mothers that carry the baby full term, 90% of the
fathers abandon the mother and child. 70% of all teenage marriages fail.
Children born to Teenage Mothers are much more likely to fail at school,
drop out, or end up in prison.)
2,994,657 Teens will get a Sexually Transmitted Disease
(Over 25% of all current Sexually Transmitted Disease Cases are teens
and this number is increasing.)
8,564,719 Teens will use Alcohol
(One third of all Teens will use of alcohol during the next year. Research
shows Alcohol Use significantly increases a Teens chances of being
involved in violence, stealing, and truancy.)
5,429,600 Teens will use Drugs
(The average age of first marijuana use is 14. Drug use is associated with
home conflicts, school failures, serious accidents, crimes, violence, unsafe
sex, and suicide.)
2,758,643 Teens will be arrested for a crime
(This statistic is showing just the number of Teen arrests. While there is no
verifiable statistics, it is thought that the number of Teens involved in
crimes is several times the number arrested, perhaps as high as 7 or 8
million teens.)
2,056,833 Teens will attempt suicide
(Suicide is the third leading cause of death among Teens)
4,013,920 Teens will contemplate a suicide
(1 out of every 5 Teens have seriously considered suicide, 1 out of six Teens
have actually made a plan to commit suicide. Almost all struggling teens
would fit into one of these two categories)

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