I’m living a Teenage Dream

Friday, 17 September 2010

Pre Production Planning Outline

What is the subject/what do you want to say?

I would like to focus on the image of a teenager as I feel in the current world it is a very topical subject. The media have created an image of a binge drinking generation who care for nothing apart from violence sex and drugs.
I want to explore both the views of members of the community and teenagers themselves to see if this image in which the media though programs like Skins has created encourages them that this is how they should act and is acceptable.
I want to also prove that many teenagers are different to this thug generation and simply are just growing up faster than pervious generations.
As the number of knife attacks and gang behaviour has been rising throughout the decade I want to explore if this is really happening/ why this is happening.

Who is your audience/target market?

I want my production to target the parents and older members of the community however I want my program to be interesting to youths to see, to show them the harm in which they’re actions could cause and thought provoke many teens who are heading towards this wasted culture.

Where do you want to film?

I want to film where older teenagers hang around in my local area for incense my local playing field in Heacham as well I would like a contrast of teenagers so I want to also film some of my peers in the sixth form. I also want to get a view from a local PCSO office that has experienced youths late at night. As I want to target the parents of these children’s interviewing a family without there child could also bring in a new view point and add to the building picture.

What previous documentaries/current media inspires you?

Over the last year I have been inspired by many programs along my theme:
• Skins – The channel 4 program first broadcast in 2007 it caused conflict between the viewing teenagers and their parents and the themes included dysfunctional families, mental illness (including eating disorders), sexual orientation identity, substance abuse and death in which many parents though glamorized the teens within the dramas lives and would influence their teens. I found this very interesting as the parents bad mouthed and even banned their children from watching it created the need to rebel and interested the desire of the teenagers to watch the program like a dirty pleasure.
• The Adult season on BBC3- Over the summer BBC3 which is highly aimed at the student market has produced a number of programs which explore today’s teenagers and the different types of teenagers and life experiences. This inspired me as it also explored the way many teenagers are growing up too fast and shocked me and some points. I really liked the conflict between the parents and children again in some one the episodes and the way in which at some points the audience where really shocked.

What expertise do you currently have?

I am a A level art student so I feel this gives me a strong vision of what I want my documentary to look like and how to create a feeling within the audience using visual techniques. I believe this is my strongest skill and will allow me to create a strong piece of work, however I need to increase my editing skills though programs such as I want to bring my work to a professional level. Such programs as Imovie allow me to produce work to this level, compare to windows moviemaker which I used to create my AS Level coursework. Moving into A2 will also allow me to used equipment of a much high quality then before which i hope if reflected in my work.

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