I’m living a Teenage Dream

Friday, 8 October 2010

Research into Hyperpublic youth identity

In the role of researcher:

I have read an article with I feel is very useful within the production of my documentary.

"Teens today face a public life with the possibility of unimaginably wide
publicity. The fundamental properties of networked public- persistence,
sociability, replicability and invisible audience- are unfamiliar to the adults
that are guiding them though social life. Few adult could imagine every
conversation they have sitting in the park or drinking tea in a cafe being
available available for hyperpublic consumption, yet this is what technology
enables....Boyd is suggesting that you are unlikely to get much help from your
parents or teachers if you get into trouble in this new world

My documentary is highlighting the teenager culture of tioday and putting them into the high profile unimaginably wide publicity. I am replicating teenage society not form the media but how I also feel. I am enable to to show my consumers my view and not the current issue of teenagers.

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