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Friday, 1 October 2010

Pre Production Questionaire Results

As my target audience is teenagers themselves I have chosen for my main sample to come from my peers within sixth form.

As the graph shows on the left the largest percentage of my sample enjoy crime based documentaries. I was very surprised at this result as stereotypical females are more emotional than males, therefore I believed the females aged 15.17 would preferred documentaries on emotional true stories. This is a clear signal that I need to incorporate a large amount of crime based themes within my production to hold the attention of a large percentage of my audience. This could be done by using such techniques of cutaways.

Everyone who I interviewed say that they would be very interested in a documentary focusing on the conflict of the media and teenagers. This is a positive outcome it shows that there is desire for such a production as mine. Having a audience who are willing to hear my views within the documentary will allow a good link between my message and their acceptance of the issues.

As well as asking categorical questions such as what gender are you? and what type of documentary do you like to watch? I also asked opened ended question which have highlighted some interesting views from my audience I have highlight to attention some interesting views:

1) Do you feel youth is portrayed wrongly in the media?

- " I believe youth are stereotyped to all be the same though media as they only really show stories about badly behaved youths and no the positive parts"

- " Yes , I think that every teenager is stereotyped under one category when in fact everyone is different"

- " the media acutally protray teenagers in quite an ccurate way.... many teenagers do drink, steal and feel in necessary to rebel against authoity

-".... usually if produced by bias adults"

- " Yes , although some groups live up to the protrayal which encourages the media to sterotype youth as a whole rather than an idividualy"

I find this very interesting has it shows how my peers feel that they are either being misrepenstered though the media, or the media is fulling teenagers to act up to the sterotype. Thus producing a chain reaction of events. Therefore is the media to blame for becoming a catolysis to this thug culutre?

2) What is your view on today's teenager culture

-" we're all the same just differnet breeds"

-"..teenagers can be wither dramatically discriminated or very expecting"

-" .. teenage culture has mere freedom to do whatever they wish"

-" teenagers are becoming a break out stereotypes and become their own person quicker"

This question highlighted that many teens feel that they do not wish to connect themselves with the stereotype but just simply live there lives , and find themselves while not worrying about the bigger picture.

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  1. Great target audience research Layla. Ensure your clearly identify your choice of qualitative (verbal comments) research and your quantative research (figures). This will enable the you to highlight your choice of questioning when you come to create your product and evalute it.