I’m living a Teenage Dream

Friday, 8 October 2010

Target Audience

In the role of a producer:

My target audience will be 15-19 year olds as I want the documentary to show not only are teenagers stereotypical shown and teenagers need to be treated Individually, however I want to show the teens that copying what you see on television is harmful and dangerous. Thus providing a good balance within my documentary.

I have compiled a fact file of a average teenager within my target market:

Name : Jo

Age: 17

F.Music: Lady Gaga , Pink , Foo Fighters , Miley Cryus , Jamie T

F.Books: The Notebook , Twilight Saga

F.TV Programs: Skins , The Inbetweeners , Misfits , The Might Boosh

F.Movies: Twilight , Moulin Rouge, Sweeny Todd , Mean Girls

Ambitions: To go to uni and study Fashion Marketing

Jo is an average teenage girl with hopes and ambitions to get into university, she enjoys partying at the weekend and sometimes wonders whether all this partying is doing her any long term damage in body and mind.

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