I’m living a Teenage Dream

Monday, 17 January 2011

Inspired Intial Ideas

I was really inspired by the hit channel E4 program Skins promotion for the advertisement and double page spread for my documentary as I believe the images really show the culture of Generation Y, a group of grunge teens only looking to get drunk. The first image upon the left shows a group of teens lined up against a wall to me this symbolises being told off a school however the relaxed expression and body language of the teens shows they simply do not care, thus linking back to the theme of my documentary. Being lined up against a wall is also symbolic to the audience to a police line up showing that although they are reflexes about there behaviour now it could lead to prison in the future. The short to the point details "BBC 3RD April 10pm" is blunt and to the point like a product lable like the genration are waiting for their due date to be sold.

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