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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Inspiration for branding logo

Like I have done for my documentary poster and double page spread I have researched using the Internet secondary producted logos which I feel target the same target audience that I shall be using within my documentary. This is the logo for skins which is used throughout the advertisement for the program.

The use of harsh acidy colours bring out the carious within the generation and the messy paint splats also connote the "I don't care attitude" within the logo photoshop has been used to create textures within the logo which gives the logo depth and extra interest. I really like this logo as the messy background reflects the minds of the teen generation throughout current society whereas the block white logo is readable clear and to the point which could reflect society and the way generation Y is bursting out from this in there own way.

Using paint I have created a map of development within my logo which will help with the basic layout when creating my own logo in Photoshop.

Click upon the image to view a larger view

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