I’m living a Teenage Dream

Monday, 24 January 2011

New script

walking towards camera in a city location )

Hello I'm Layla Holland I'm 18 and a sixth form student about to head off to Uni.
University has become almost a right of passage to every teenager , but many don't just go to work for a degree but for the nightlife.

(cut away shots of uni books and people , lessons to reflect uni)

However though out the last 10 years this binge drinking generation are getting a bad name for ourselves.

But is this all an media hype ? (Close up of presenter)

(Outside a pub)

Like any other teenager I enjoy a good drink with my mates at the weekend to blow out steam from the pressures of sixth form, but as I enter my last summer before Uni will all this drinking have a long term effect on my health and carrer. ( pub door closing)

Titles over shots montage of teens drinking featuring lots of visual effects.

“874,819 Teenage girls will become pregnant

2,994,657 Teens will get a Sexually Transmitted Infection

5,429,600 Teens will use Drugs

2,758,643 Teens will be arrested for a crime

2,056,833 Teens will attempt suicide.”

(Suicide is the third leading cause of death among Teens)

Next scene is of the presenter of the documentary which shall be myself in a clear white background within a bedroom sat causally upon a bed. The shot will be taken in a close up with a few extreme closes up. The presenter will not be scripted as for the direction of the documentary I want the opening scene to be a personal response to the figures from a viewpoint of a teen.

Freestyle speech upon reaction to figures

Cut away shots of teens laughing and having fun , stereotypical shots of teens using hands , shoes , laughing etc

But is this a real representation of the youth of today, are teens nothing more than alcohol seeking missiles, do they understand the dangers of bring drinking and what they are putting their young bodies though.

I spoke to a number of teens within a local sixth form on their plans for the weekend. (
walking into sixth form area)

Mid shot of interviewees, a number of teens from the school expressing their weekend plan.
( how much do you drink , when , why , where)

Freestyle response

Presenter walking down the road expressing direction of the documentary and what I am to change in the views of teens

It seems that the current generation have no other worries about that the implication of their weekend antics , I spoke to Nurse ………. About the effects of such binge drinking amost teens.

CAPTION: Nurse …… , Smithdon High School

QUESTION: What are you thought on young people and drink?

How do you think society deals with young people dependent on drink?

Do you feel there needs to more education of awareness on the binge drinking?

Many teens feel they need to act a certain way to fit in with such a stereotypical generation. COMPANY NAME invested the high profile case of samther Giles, a young girl from Bradford who tragically took her life on July 13th this year due to horrific circumstances.

Parents: It wasn’t till Sam hit 14 we started having trouble with her. She would watch such group up programs which we feel were aimed at such an older generation. She began not coming in till early hours of the morning on school nights. She was just out of control


She left without saying goodbye that night.

Narration: The night Sam was rapped she was only 16, could the attack of been fullled by copycat effected teens?

Sam’s friend: To me it was a normal night we met with my friends at 10 at the local park and we would just hang out and stuff. We weren’t looking for trouble.

These boys came along offering us drugs and I dunno Sam just looked curious to try. Cause we’d seen them so much on tele that it looked awesome. I left just past 11 and left sam with these lads, she seemed fine, a lil outta it.

Narration: At 3am Sam’s parents received a telephone call form the police

**Recon phonecall*

Parents Dad: getting the phone call....... no parent should ever have to get...Sam was. no parents should have to go though this.. It is a living nightmare..Any parent’s worst nightmare.

Police radio: unidentified young female found. suspected rape . Large amount of bruising to body. naked. Clothes missing

Narration: Sam’s
was discovered was found had been subjected to a horrific rape , violently assaulted and left to die.

Narration: Sam had been given the date rape drug ...... which she had been told to been E. Sam had be violently raped then stabbed.
Parents: Why would other teenagers do that to a young girl!?
They cant of just thought it up. It was influenced by their shows.

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