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Monday, 17 January 2011

Research and Developing Double Page Spread

As my film is in post production I want to create my double page spread along side my documentary to ensure that the branding of both pieces match and produce an excellent product identity for my documentary and prints.

As I have started to research using secondary sourced products I can begin to research how my double page spread is going to look though the use of colour and font. As my target market for my documentary is B/C my print documents will be very similar to the Guardian Listing magazine which I research however still have aspects of 'Glossy' content from magazines aimed at then B/C bracket therefore I shall need to research one of these type of listing to ensure I incorporate the correct type of content to attract my audience.

The first important piece of my listing documents is the title. I used a font database website called http://www.dafont.com/ to source font from.

I want the title to reflect the drunken mess in which teenagers as stereotyped into , this could be achieved though the use of trashy/Gothic fonts such as the ones to the left. These were my favorite ones out of the 1000's which were upon the website to use. I like these fonts because they convey to the audience the feeling of grunge and trashy culture to the audience while still conveying aspect of child like scribbles which is the direction of my topic.

My short listed fonts are as followed:
I like this font as it is commonly used within factories on packaging which is how a generation could be classes ; a batch load in the order of life. The current generation could then be classed as a faulty batch in life's factory, " just another brick in the all" as Pink Floyd would say but what happens when a large number of bricks are faulty and breaking rules , would the whole house fall part? would society fall? Although I don't see myself using this as a head text banner as it is not bold either to catch the eye of the audience , I feel it would work well as a sub heading banner for example the time and date of the program as it is easily readable while keeping to the point of the message of the topic.

The second text which I thought would be the best for the print for my documentary is this text. It is similar to the text which is used in ransom letters therefore the text is instantly reconizable

as an evil and damaging feeling text, I also feel It reflects all of the sub cultures within the generation which get titles under this one body of text. This would be a good text to used as a title because it is eye grabbing with the use of high black and white contrast to catch the eye of the audience instantly.

The final text which I feel would work the best was this font to the left as it visual contrasts the grung culture with a child like aspect to it . The use of a skull projects a feeling of death and toxic happens = therefore reflecting generation X's lifestyle of binge drinking whereas the use of the lighthearted scribbling and feminine handwriting style shows how the teens are still children who not long ago were innocence .

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